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You can find my original music on all major music sources such as Spotify.

I have been enjoying writing songs, singing, and playing guitar for many years. Some of my songs have been recorded with talented and wonder people, such as:
Click here to listen to Jorgen Ollson’s arrangement of “As I Take a Closer Look”. Jorgen lives in Denmark. I wrote this song “to” myself as a reminder that I am “..very fortunate”.
Click here to listen to the beautiful Janey Neal sing “Canyon Ferry” – lyrics by my wife Zinda. My guitar work. A song about a shared memory with Zinda. Janey lives in the United States.
Click here to listen to Tanja Langerbeins  of Germany sing “A Bluer Sky” – a song about my (our) true self. Again, my guitar playing.
Click here for the song “I Love You Forever” beautifully arranged and performed by Mark Cedermark of Denmark .

A convenient place to buy those songs mentioned and more  is at Amazon (click here)

I also have many amateur videos on youtube. “Have You Heard” has the most hits so far:

Adding more to this blog. I made several songs since first starting this blog. I notice a few people are following this, so here are a some new ones for you on YouTube:

Drip Drip Drop
We Are In Love
Ode to Ode to Joy
Where You Are
The Light Has Come
With You
Rise and Shine
Remembering a Song
“Boundless Love”

I may add more to this blog later.  I hope you might enjoy some of my music.



I AM fortunate

I am fortunate that I am alive. I am fortunate that there is the use of this computer. I am fortunate that I am in a warm comfortable apartment. I am fortunate that I can see. I am fortunate that I am with Zinda. I am fortunate that there is an income. I am fortunate that I have two legs to allow me to walk. I am fortunate that I can see beauty. I am fortunate that I can make music. I am fortunate that I can be mindful. I am fortunate that I am willing to be honest with myself. I am fortunate that there are warm clothes to wear. I am fortunate that I have medications. I am fortunate for all the wonderful gifts in my life. I am fortunate that Zinda is patient, understanding, and caring. I am fortunate and am grateful for all the benevolent and guiding beings through my life and for their guidance. I am fortunate in many many ways. I am fortunate for all and any gifts and blessings I may not yet be aware of. I am very very fortunate and grateful.

I write this with an intent and a hope that I might come to feel better about myself. The thoughts I will write I tend to want to keep hidden from myself and from others. I’m hoping that bringing some things to the light of consciousness might be helpful or even enlightening in some way. It may be wishful thinking on my part that confessing will give me some comfort or maybe come to forgive myself. This writing itself may not be a good thing; I hope it in itself doesn’t make a reader uncomfortable or suffer; I hope it does not cause any suffering. I have read about “The Holy Spirit” in the book “A Course of Miracles”. I like to think The Holy Spirit is real and can help me with all “discomfort” that I and others might feel. And I’m imagining Him looking at this writing so that He can help me heal. Find out about that book here:

I have done “bad” things in the past. I have also done “good” things. I am not completely a bad person. But this writing is about the bad things I’ve done. By “bad” I mean acts which caused some suffering, to myself and/or to others. It does occur to me that even doing this writing may not be beneficial and even cause suffering. Please forgive me if that is so. What prompts me to write this is because I dreamt of one particular “bad” thing for the second night in a row, which I describe in the following paragraph.

I was a software engineer with a company called “Cosmi Software”. One of my projects was to program a product called “Label Publisher”. And it wasn’t working right. While printing labels it didn’t print at the right place on some labels. But even though it wasn’t working right, we (the company) released it for sale to the public anyway. I think of all the people who bought it and tried to use that faulty program. It hurts me when I think of people spending time entering in all their data, such as customer data, and then finding out that it won’t print right. And how frustrating and angry those people must have felt. And I think of the people working in customer service who were frustrated they couldn’t help them. In the dream last night I went to the CEO of the company and angrily told him “he” was wrong to publish the program. So in the dream I was blaming him. I am so sorry and apologize to all the people who suffered because of that mistake of mine. If I could go back and do it over I would insist that it not be distributed to the public until and unless the program worked correctly. I apologize for that mistake of mine and hope those who suffered will forgive me, but especially that they don’t suffer anymore.

I have done other things which caused suffering which I hope to find some peace and forgiveness and comfort about. I list some of them below but not all of the things I’ve done to cause suffering. What I list are the things which cause me most unhappiness, suffering and concern.

  • At about the age of thirteen I entered a house of a friend when no one was home and took $50.00 from them.
  • At the age of 20 or so I borrowed $50.00 from a generous man to buy a certain computer and never paid him back as I promised.
  • At about age eighteen I took advantage of a drunk girl and had sex with her without her consent. I was angry: I felt/believed that was the only way I could be with a girl – I believed no girl would want me so I took what I wanted. The memory hurts. I am very sorry.
  • At age 17 I wanted to break up with a girl. A friend suggested that the next time I see her just don’t say anything and ignore her instead. That friend said I pay too much attention to her and not to him. So it was either him or her, basically. So I did the silent treatment with her. The three of us were sitting at a table and she said “hi” with a smile. I remained silent. She talked some more and I remained silent. She asked what was wrong. She asked if there was something she said or did that made me not talk to her. I stuck to my determination and plan to say nothing. She eventually left feeling hurt, confused, and disappointed. She was suffering. And I was suffering. And the thing is, I actually Loved her. So it wasn’t only bad and caused suffering , it was foolish of me (or was it really of me?). Her name was Cheri. In the past I tried to remember her last name so that I could contact her and apologize to her but I didn’t remember. I have prayed to God for him to convey for me my regret and also to remove her suffering.
  • I have done other things that caused suffering, but the above seem to haunt me the most.

At the time of this writing I can’t even imagine forgiving myself or even liking myself

Some Understanding

Not to excuse myself, but in an attempt to understand how and why I could have done the bad things I’ve done I mention a few things here that come to my mind. It is my intent to try and be on my own side and come to some peace about my “mistakes”.

I’m remembering at the age of 10 my father beat me with a belt because I got below a “C” on my report card and he had said before that If I did I would get a beating. He had beat me at other times too. That evening after being “punished” by him I sat on the stairs and I remember having the following thoughts:

I am an evil terrible person. I was born a bad kid. Dear God even though I’m evil I will not let my evil self do evil things. I will force myself not to be bad. I love you God and I will fight my evil self. I will prove to you God that I will deserve you and and you will then accept me.

I am aware also that because of those thoughts and beliefs I had (unconsciously) felt angry at God for making me a bad kid and not good like all other kids. I felt cheated. I despised what I imagined god to be. I’m also aware that there was that (unconscious) part of me with an attitude of “I don’t care if I’m bad! I don’t care if I’m going to do bad things! So what if I’m bad! I don’t care! I don’t care!

It didn’t help matters with some people saying that “we are natural born sinners”. (By the way, it is often repeated in “A Course in Miracles” that “there is not sin but only mistakes which can be corrected).

Also my thinking was to the effect of: “in order for my dad not to beat me all I have to do is change from being bad to being good.” To me (the ten-year old) it gave me a sense that there’s something I can do to get my dad to decide not to beat me anymore. Believing I’m bad gave me hope that I can control him – all I had to do was become good and then he will accept me instead. I remember also thinking, “I must never let myself think that I’m good cuz that would be my bad evil self fooling myself – I must remember that I’m bad and evil so that I can become (maybe) good. I can understand that, at those times, those kinds of thoughts gave me hope of survival. And to me then it was a matter of survival because I needed my dad and mom to like me enough to want to feed me and take care of me and not be against me. I even remember wishing I wasn’t too young to get a job and leave my parents and take care of myself. I got depressed thinking that it would be a long long time until I get old enough to get a job and be on my own. I was so sad thinking of how long I had to live with my parents (my mom had beat me – punished me – often also). I’m remembering standing at the door of the apartment and thinking “Oh my God… how long do I have to live!?” Anyway, the point is, it helped my psychologically to believe I was bad and I can survive by becoming good somehow.

I’m understanding that all the above is called by some “then conditioned mind”. At this time I’m finding it difficult to “let go” of all of that. It has been with me for so long.

A Plus Side

To be fair to myself, I have also done good things and was in ways which were beneficial to myself and to others. I have made acts of kindness and helpfulness and lovingness.

  • I was always willing to work hard to support my wife and daughter.
  • I have been generous to others at times.
  • I remember as a boy shoveling sidewalks so that we could have a Christmas tree.
  • I have done well as a father for my daughter.
  • I have done acts of genuine kindness.

As well as what I say I did, I have been blessed and have been very fortunate in my life:

  • I am loved by my wonderful wife.
  • I have had fun and felt joy with my best friend.
  • I was saved from drowning one day.
  • I’m remembering my dad holding my hand walking uptown to buy me a toy.
  • my mom has been kind and generous to me.
  • I have my five senses.
  • I have made some uplifting and positive music: find here
  • I have been blessed with a wonderful daughter.
  • I am blessed with wonderful beautiful grandkids.
  • I am (somewhat) conscious.

In Closing

Here’s a link to a meditation for helping and nurturing your inner child.

__ . __

For the sake of possibly correcting mistaken thoughts and beliefs and perhaps “unhealthy” attitudes, I am about to describe what was a terrifying situation (experience), to me, which occurred in the past and I seem to be still “bothered” by it. Before I do describe it, I have thoughts to the effect of “I’m not supposed to think of the past”. Also there some feelings to the effect of “I shouldn’t be telling anyone”. And at that thought I’m remembering my parents telling me “… you better keep your big mouth shut and not tell anybody what goes on in this house!” That might be a part of my “conditioning”. But my intention is to observe what my thoughts were and maybe still are in my mind. And then question those thoughts and whatever beliefs I had come to, and discover/determine the truth of my Self. Some will call it “inner-child work”. One method of such inquiry is by Byron Katie called “The Work“. (I ask all and any Benevolent Beings to help me all they are able to with that intent”. I’m thinking of what’s been referred to as “the conditioned mind”, which I take to mean “beliefs, thoughts and/or conclusions I came to”. The “story” I write in later paragraphs isn’t the only experience I had with my parents. And I am not blaming them for “my problems”. I am understanding that they acted, sometimes, out of unconsciousness. It is I who am responsible for what “I” think – I am responsible for my interpretations and conclusions. I am not writing to say my parents were “bad”. No – they are human. And I am learning to forgive. Or at least I want to. But it does seem to be important for me to “look” at and question my mind. I also have had many wonderful and happy experiences. In fact I am and have been blessed and fortunate. To toot my own harmonica, I wrote a song to that view called “As I Take a Closer Look”. (I don’t claim it’s my best music). I am blessed with a wonderful loving wife, a wonderful daughter, beautiful grandkids, and much more. Well… life itself is a blessing. If you, the reader, might tend to get triggered by reading of my experiences you might want to discontinue reading. In that case I invite you to listen to some of my “positive” music. – Click here for one of my personal favorites. If you do continue reading, it is my hope you might find my own observing to be helpful to you. I want to mention that I understand that I have, at times, “identified with my story”, and I am understanding that I am not my stories. To repeat: I write for the sake and intention of consciousness and, hopefully, “correction” and truth. I also hope to remember to “re-parent” myself – to be loving, kind, and accepting of myself – my True Self.

It might be useful to mention a few more things. For a long time I have been feeling rather intense anxiety. I’m hoping this writing might ease that to whatever degree. On saying that I am aware that I might be disappointed – that maybe this particular event is not the root of my uncomfortable feelings. I mentioned “The Work” above. I plan on going through the steps later in this writing and use what Byron Katie calls the “Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet“. For more than a year I have been studying and involved in the book “A Course In Miracles” – a book on/of spirituality and forgiveness. In that book there is a short lesson for each of 365 days of the year. My lesson today happens to be: 301: “And God Himself shall wipe away all tears”. I also pay attention to the writings and teachings of Eckhart Tolle – author of “The Power of Now”. And there are many videos on YouTube with Eckhart I find well worth watching. I recently started reading his book “Stillness Speaks”. Click here for a recent video of Eckhart’s on Practicing Self-Observation – which, as I said, is my intention with this writing. Another book I find enlightening is Psycho Pictography – a book pointing out the value/need of awareness and the True Self.

And now the “story”….

A situation was my dad hitting me with a belt repeatedly when I was 10 years old. There were other similar experiences too of being punished and spanked. His stated reason was that he had told me I would get punished if I got below a “C” on my report card. And he said something like, “Did you think I was just talking outta my ass!? Now you’ll find out I was serious!” He pulled off his belt from his pants, folded it and snapped it a few times while his expression was pushing his lower lip out with his tongue and his eyes were angry. He told me to come to him and that I would be making it worse if he had to come to me. And so I did come to him while he had the belt raised above his head. He swung the belt and hit me. I turned around and started running up the stairs where my bedroom was (fleeing) . And he chased me and kept hitting me on my back with the belt. At the top of the stairs I ran into my bedroom and came to face the wall staring at a spot on the wall while he continued hitting me. (While I remember this experience I “observe” that I’m reacting to it bodily as though it’s happening now and am feeling the terror and other emotions which I felt then as a 4th-grade 10-year old).

When he finally stopped hitting me he stood above me while I sat on the edge of my bad. I was crying – screaming the whole time of course. He told me to “now shut your big mouth! I don’t wanna hear even a peep outta ya! I’m going to count to 3 and if ya don’t stop your goddamned bawling I’m really gonna give it to ya!” So I inhaled and held my breath to force myself to be quiet; to force myself to stop crying and “not make a peep”. I was hoping he would leave soon so that I could exhale. I needed to breathe and was afraid to. He said, “now keep it shut and stay in your room!” And he left down the stairs. I went and laid down on my bed wanting to just go to sleep. I told myself that tomorrow will be a better day and this will be over. I also told myself that I will figure out “what’s wrong with me” and I’ll find a way to change myself and to make it so that my dad won’t have to do that again. In other words I wanted to find a way to control my dad’s behavior. (I will do some “re-parenting” with myself later).

Some time later I quietly went halfway down the stairs. I was careful to be quiet to not let my dad know I was there. I sat on the steps and had disturbing thoughts. I believed I was evil. And I prayed to God that “… even though I’m evil God, I will show you that I’m on your side and I will force my evil self not to do evil things – I will fight my evil self”. I will make sure I don’t do evil things. When I was around that age (ten) I thought, “I wish I wasn’t born bad. I wish I was born good like other kids”. Sitting there I was determined to make it so that my dad won’t beat me again. I wanted to find a way to cause him not to decide he had to punish me. I sat there hating myself for making my dad be against me. I needed him to like me enough to provide me with things I need, such as food and shelter and whatever. I needed him to support me. I needed him and my mother to provide me with all my needs. I’m remembering times my mother would say things like, “just be grateful I don’t just kill you!” and “I should have killed you when I had the chance!” Very upsetting at those times of course…. I wanted to live and I depended on them.

I’m remembering a morning staring at the inside of door to the house and thinking about running away and finding other grownups to take care of me. But I knew that wasn’t possible. Standing there I told myself that someday I will grow up to be an adult and then I won’t have to be with my parents. I thought that was a long time from now. And it occured to me that growing up meant I was going to be an unhappy person like my parents were and how other grownups were. Then I thought very sadly to myself, “Oh my god… how long do I have to live!?”

Now, for the sake of simply acknowledging, I’ll describe some of the “conditioning” of my mind:

  • ❤ I believed I was born evil – a natural born sinner.
  • ❤ I believed that “god” was like my dad and that he (god) was angry at me and condemned me and hated me too.
  • ❤ One “strategy” I used was to want to show my parents that I was already feeling bad and already hating and punishing myself so “you don’t have to”.
  • ❤ I wanted to think that my dad had good reason to act against me. I wanted to believe that I was the cause of him beating me, because then all I had to do was change myself to be a good kid and then he will like me and not want to beat me anymore.
  • ❤ Related to the above, at the time(s) it was easier to believe dad had good (valid) reasons. Otherwise it would have been more difficult to think he was “out of control” and that there was nothing I could do about it. I wanted to have some hope that I can make him act differently toward me.
  • ❤ I also wanted to show my dad that I was on his side and that I was against myself as he was.
  • Because my dad violently made me “shut my mouth” and stop crying, I came to think of hurtful/painful emotions as a danger to me. At the time it was important to me to “shut up” and, at those times, I hated my feelings.

Next, after taking a break from trying to “process”, I am going to picture my current adult self sitting on those stairs with the 10-year old I was and have a healing conversation with him.

I’m now aware that, because I believed I was born bad and that all other kids were born good and not me, I secretly was angry at God (or my image of God I created) for making me bad. And I also (secretly) I was angry and jealous at other kids because I thought “they were better than me”.

w(to be continued)


I have involved myself in the study of the book “A Course in Miracles“. The intended readers for this blog is my Self, and therefore intended for you which is the same Self in truth and actuality — the same Universal attributes common to us all, such as that aspect of you which observes, without any story or judgment but pure quiet nonjudgmental awareness – the observer Self.

facts about Truth

  • There is no substitute for the truth.
  • The truth need no defense.
  • The truth cannot be changed it is immutable.
  • The Truth is what we really want.
  • The Truth is peaceful.

Life will happen without effort or trying.

(to be continued)

Who Am I ?

Earlier I started writing a blog titled “The Truth”. I may or may not continue with that one, but right now I’m considering attempting to answer the question “who am I”? to be (possibly) more beneficial or more “important”. What motivates me to look at this question is this video link by Eckhart Tolle: “Destined to Evolve Our Consciousness
To answer that question it may be helpful to become aware of what or who I think I am, which has been called the ego or mind-defined sense of self. I feel a certain fear in asking myself this question – a fear that if what I’ve been identifying with is not real. A (scary) thought is “if I see that what I thought I was is not real than I will be nothing”. I am somewhat aware that part of me would rather be “false” than nothing and nobody at all. That “ego” does not want me to question it. But then again, I really don’t want to be false. Of course not. That’s a reason for writing this blog: I want to know what’s true; what’s real.

(to be continued).

The Truth

I write with the intent of knowing reality for myself. As it is said in the book ACIM, “Teach the Kingdom to the Kingdom”. So the audience is that which is common to all – the common consciousness. What other endeavor could be more meaningful than “knowing what is”?

Notes and Observations

  • The truth is simple. The ego makes it seem complicated.
  • There is no substitute for the truth.
  • The truth is obvious.
  • What is is.
  • If it is not true then it is an illusion – something imagined.

As some are aware, Eckhart Tolle wrote the book “The Power of Now”. In this blog I want to describe how to actually practice being present.  To “be present”, the way I see it, is to simply have one’s attention on what is occurring (what is happening) now.  An aside: Eckhart points out that “it is always now” and that “it is never not now”. The opposite of being present is having one’s attention wandering  to either some memory of the past or some idea of the future, or some other concept  or thought in your mind. Following are some examples of how I, and how you might practice, and therefore begin to develop,  presence. By “develop” I mean forming a habit of being present. I expect that practicing what I’m describing will form positive wiring of the physical brain. I have no proof of that though. Maybe someone has some information about that.

Take the simple act of washing dishes.  Bring your attention to the smell of the soap. Just acknowledge the smell. Feel the warm water on your skin. Notice the sound of the water splashing. Note the sensation of your feet on the floor.  What other sounds might be around you? Birds outside the window?  The sound of a TV in another room?  Just notice what is going on. You might also acknowledge “no sound” between sounds. No need to judge what’s going on. And no need to make mental commentaries about what you notice. But if you do, notice that too as another “thing” going on now.  What I do after the act of washing the dishes is ask myself, “how much, on a scale of one to ten, was I present during that. My honest estimate the last time I did dishes was only “3” out of 10.  And that “low” value even though I made an effort to be present. It makes me aware of how much I am “not there!” so to speak. Doing that estimate helps me become aware of just how much my mind might currently tend to wander – wander to daydreams, memories, images in my mind etc.

Ok, yes I know washing dishes might be considered as a boring task. So you might try the same exercise while walking in nature. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Feel the temperature of the air on your skin? Hear your footsteps? Hear the body breathing?  Are there birds chirping? What other sounds do you notice? Is there any taste in your mouth? What might you be smelling?

Anywhere you are or what you are doing can lend itself to presence practicing.

Another exercise is to bring attention to every thing you hear. And when you are done, ask yourself, “what sounds did I miss that are also going on?”  We can do that with other senses too, but taking inventory of everything we see with our ours would take a looong time.  But you probably know what I’ve wanted to describe.

I would appreciate feedback about all this. Especially any ways in which this blog or the exercise is helpful to you.

Peace and Love… Now 🤩.

(for my music)



1. Nothing I see in this room [on this street, from this window, int this place] means anything.
2. I have given everything I see int this room [on this street, from this window, in this place] all the meaning that it has for me.
3. I do not understand anything I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place].
4. These thoughts do not mean anything. They are like the things I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place].
5. I am never upset for the reason I think.
6. I am upset because I see something that is not there.
7. I see only the past.
8. My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.
9. I see nothing as it is now.
10. My thoughts do not mean anything.
11. My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.
12. I am upset because I see a meaningless world.
13. A meaningless world engenders fear.
14. God did not create a meaningless world.
15. My thoughts are images that I have made.
16. I have no neutral thoughts.
17. I see no neutral things.
18. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.
19. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts.
20. I am determined to see.
21. I am determined to see things differently.
22. What I see is a form of vengeance.
23. I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.
24. I do not perceive my own best interests.
25. I do not know what anything is for.
26. My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.
27. Above all else I want to see.
28. Above all else I want to see things differently.
29. God is in everything I see.
30. God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.
31. I am not the victim of the world I see.
32. I have invented the world I see.
33. There is another way of looking at the world.
34. I could see peace instead of this.
35. My mind is a part of God’s. I am very holy.
36. My holiness envelops everything I see.
37. My holiness blesses the world.
38. There is nothing my holiness cannot do.
39. My holiness is my salvation.
40. I am blessed as a Son of God.
41. God goes with me wherever I go.
42. God is my strength. Vision is His gift.
43. God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him.
44. God is the light in which I see.
45. God is the mind with which I think.
46. God is the Love in which I forgive.
47. God is the strength in which I trust.
48. There is nothing to fear.
49. God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.
50. I am sustained by the Love of God.
51. (reviews)
52. ..
53. ..
54. ..
55. ..
56. ..
57. ..
58. ..
59. ..
60. ..
61. I am the light of the world.
62. Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.
63. The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.
64. Let me not forget my function.
65. My only function is the one God gave me.
66. My happiness and my function are one.
67. Love created me like itself.
68. Love holds no grievances.
69. My grievances hide the light of the world.
70. My salvation comes from me.
71. Only God’s plan for salvation will work.
72. Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.
73. I will there be light.
74. There is no will but God’s
75. The light has come.
76. I am under no laws but God’s.
77. I am entitled to miracles.
78. Let miracles replace all grievances.
79. Let me recognize the problem so i can be solved.
80. Let me recognize my problems have been solved.
81. (reviews)
82. …
83. …
84. …
85. …
86. …
87. …
88. …
89. …
90. …
91. Miracles are seen in light.
92. Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.
93. Light and joy and peace abide in me.
94. I am as God created me.
95. I am one Self, united with my Creator.
96. Salvation comes from my one Self.
97. I am spirit.
98. I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.
99. Salvation is my only function here.
100. My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.
101. God’s will for me is perfect happiness.
102. I share God’s Will for happiness for me.
103. God, being Love, is also happiness.
104. I seek but what belongs to me in truth.
105. God’s peace and joy are mine.
106. Let me be still and listen to the truth.
107. Truth will correct all errors in my mind.
108. To give and to receive are one in truth.
109. I rest in God.
110. I am as God created me.
111. (review..)
112. …
113. …
114. …
115. …
116. …
117. …
118. …
119. …
120. …
121. Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
122. Forgiveness offers everything I want.
123. I thank my Father for His gifts to me.
124. Let me remember I am one with God.
125. In quiet I receive God’s Word today.
126. All that I give is given to myself.
127. There is no love but God’s.
128. The world I see holds nothing that I want.
129. Beyond this world there is a world I want.
130. It is impossible to see two worlds.
131. No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.
132. I loose the world from all I thought it was.
133. I will not value what is valueless.
134. Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.
135. If I defend myself I am attacked.
136. Sickness is a defense against the truth.
137. When I am healed I am not healed alone.
138. Heaven is the decision I must make.
139. I will accept Atonement for myself.
140. Only salvation can be said to cure.
141. (reviews…. My mind holds only what I think with God)
142. My mind holds only what I think with God
143. My mind holds only what I think with God.
144. My mind holds only what I think with God
145. My mind holds only what I think with God
146. My mind holds only what I think with God
147. My mind holds only what I think with God
148. My mind holds only what I think with God
149. My mind holds only what I think with God
150. My mind holds only what I think with God
151. All things are echoes of the Voice for God.
152. The power of decision is my own.
153. In my defenselessness my safety lies.
154. I am among the ministers of God.
155. I will step back and let Him lead the way.
156. I walk with God in perfect holiness.
157. Into His presence would I enter now.
158. Today I learn to give as I receive.
159. I give the miracles I have received.
160. I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.
161. Give me your blessing, holy Son of God.
162. I am as God created me.
163. There is no death. The Son of God is free.
164. Now are we one with Him Who is our Source.
165. Let not my mind deny the Thought of God.
166. I am entrusted with the gifts of God.
167. There is one life, and that I share with God.
168. Your grace is given me. I claim it now.
169. By grace I live. By grace I am released.
170. There is no cruelty in God and none in me.
171. (reviews… God is but Love, and therefore so am I.)
172. … God is but Love, and therefore so am I
173. … God is but Love, and therefore so am I
174. … God is but Love, and therefore so am I
175. … God is but Love, and therefore so am I
176. … God is but Love, and therefore so am I
177. … God is but Love, and therefore so am I
178. … God is but Love, and therefore so am I
179. … God is but Love, and therefore so am I
180. … God is but Love, and therefore so am I
181. I trust my brothers, who are one with me.
182. I will be still an instant and go home.
183. I call upon God’s Name and on my own.
184. The Name of God is my inheritance.
185. I want the peace of God.
186. Salvation of the world depends on me.
187. I bless the world because I bless myself.
188. The peace of God is shining in me now.
189. I feel the Love of God within me now.
190. I choose the joy of God instead of pain.
191. I am the holy Son of God Himself.
192. I have a function God would have me fill.
193. All things are lessons God would have me learn.
194. I place the future in the Hands of God.
195. Love is the way I walk in gratitude.
196. It can be but myself I crucify.
197. It can be but my gratitude I earn.
198. Only my condemnation injures me.
199. I am not a body. I am free.
200. There is no peace except the peace of God.
201. (reviews.. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.)
202. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
203. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
204. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
205. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
206. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
207. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
208. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
209. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
210. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
211. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
212. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
213. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
214. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
215. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
216. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
217. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
218. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
219. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
220. .. I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
221. Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.
222. God is with me. I live and move in Him.
223. God is my life. I have no life but His.
224. God is my Father, and He loves His Son.
225. God is my Father, and His Son loves Him.
226. My home awaits me. I will hasten there.
227. This is my holy instant of release.
228. God has condemned me not. No more do I.
229. Love, which created me, is what I am.
230. Now will I seek and find the peace of God.
231. Father, I will but to remember You.
232. Be in my mind, my Father, through the day.
233. I give my life to God to guide today.
234. Father, today I am Your Son again.
235. God in His mercy wills that I be saved.
236. I rule my mind, which I alone must rule.
237. Now would I be as God created me.
238. On my decision all salvation rests.
239. The glory of my Father is my own.
240. Fear is not justified in any form.
241. This holy instant is salvation come.
242. This day is God’s. It is my gift to Him.
243. Today I will judge nothing that occurs.
244. I am in danger nowhere in the world.
245. Your peace is with me, Father. I am safe.
246. To love my Father is to love His Son.
247. Without forgiveness I will still be blind.
248. Whatever suffers is not part of me.
249. Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.
250. Let me not see myself as limited.
251. I am in need of nothing but the truth.
252. The Son of God is my Identity.
253. My Self is ruler of the universe.
254. Let every Voice but God’s be still in me.
255. This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.
256. God is the only goal I have today.
257. Let me remember what my purpose is.
258. Let me remember that my goal is God.
259. Let me remember that there is no sin.
260. Let me remember God created me.
261. God is my refuge and security.
262. Let me perceive no differences today.
263. My holy vision sees all things pure.
264. I am surrounded by the Love of God.
265. Creation’s gentleness is all I see.
266. My holy Self abides in you, God’s Son.
267. My heart is beating in the peace of God.
268. Let all things be exactly as they are.
269. My sight goes forth to look upon Christ’s face.
270. I will not use the body’s eyes today.
271. Christ’s is the vision I will use today.
272. How can illusions satisfy God’s Son?
273. The stillness of the peace of God is mine.
274. Today belongs to love. Let me not fear.
275. God’s healing Voice protects all things today.
276. The Word of God is given me to speak.
277. Let me not bind Your Son with laws I made.
278. If I am bound, my Father is not free.
279. Creation’s freedom promises my own.
280. What limits can I lay upon God’s Son?
281. I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.
282. I will not be afraid of love today.
283. My true Identity abides in You.
284. I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.
285. My holiness shines bright and clear today.
286. The hush of Heaven holds my heart today.
287. You are my goal, my Father. Only You.

288. Let me forget my brother’s past today.
289. The past is over. It can touch me not.
290. My present happiness is all I see.
291. This is a day of stillness and of peace.
292. A happy outcome to all things is sure.
293. All fear is past and only love is here.
294. My body is a wholly neutral thing.
295. The Holy Spirit looks through me today.
296. The Holy Spirit speaks through me today.
297. Forgiveness is the only gift I give.
298. I love you, Father, and I love Your Son.
299. Eternal holiness abides in me.
300. Only an instant does this world endure.
301. And God Himself shall wipe away all tears.
302. Where darkness was I look upon the light.
303. The holy Christ is born in me today.
304. Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.
305. There is a peace that Christ bestows on us.
306. The gift of Christ is all I seek today.
307. Conflicting wishes cannot be my will.
308. This instant is the only time there is.
309. I will not fear to look within today.
310. In fearlessness and love I spend today.
311. I judge all things as I would have them be.
312. I see all things as I would have them be.
313.  Now let a new perception come to me.
314. I seek a future different from the past.
315. All gifts my brothers give belong to me.
316. All gifts I give my brother’s are my own.
317. I follow in the way appointed me.
318. In me salvation’s means and end are one.
319. I came for the salvation of the world.
320. My Father gives all power unto me.
321. Father, my freedom is in You alone.
322. I can give up but what was never real.
323. I gladly give up the “sacrifice” of fear.
324. I merely follow, for I would not lead.
325. All things I think I see reflect ideas.
326. I am forever and effect of God.
327. I need but call and You will answer me.
328. I choose the second place to gain the first.
329. I have already chosen what You will.
330. I will not hurt myself again today.
331. There is no conflict, for my will is Yours.
332.  Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free.
333.  Forgiveness ends the dream of conflict here.
334. Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives.
335. I choose to see my brother’s sinlessness.
336. Forgiveness lets me know that minds are joined.
337. My sinlessness protects me from all harm.
338. I am affected only by my thoughts.
339. I will receive whatever I request.
340. I can be free of suffering today.
341. I can attack but my own sinlessness. And it is only that which keeps me safe.
342. Let forgiveness rest upon all things. For thus forgiveness will be given me.
343. I am not asked to make a sacrifice to find the peace and mercy of God.
344. Today I learn the law of  love; that what I give my brother is my gift to me.
345. I offer only miracles today, for I would have them be returned to me.
346. Today the peace of God envelopes me. And I forget all things except His Love.
347. Anger must come from judgement. Judgement is the weapon I would use against myself, to keep the miracle away from me.
348. I have no cause for anger or for fear, for You surround me. And in every need that I perceive, Your grace suffices me.
349. Today I let Christ’s vision look upon all things for me and judge them not, but give each one a miracle of love instead.
350. Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love. To offer them is to remember Him, and through His memory to save the world.
351. My sinless brother is my guide to peace. My sinful brother is my guide to pain. And which I choose to see I will behold.
352. Judgement and love are opposites. From one come all the sorrows of the world. But from the other comes the peace of God Himself.
353. My eyes, my tongue, my hands, my feet today have but one purpose; to be given Christ to use to bless the world with miracles.
354. We stand together, Christ and I, in peace and certainty of purpose. And in Him is His Creator, as He is in me.
355. There is no end to all the peace and joy, and all the miracles that I will give, When I accept God’s Word. Why not today?
356. Sickness is but another name for sin. Healing is but another name for God. The miracle is thus a call to Him.
357. Truth answers every call we make to God. Responding first with miracles, and then returning unto us to be itself.
358. No call to God can be unheard nor left unanswered. And of this I can be sure. His answer is the one I really want.
359. God’s answer is some form of peace. All pain is healed; all misery replaced with joy. All prison doors are opened. And all sin is understood as merely a mistake.
360. Peace to me, the holy Son of God. Peace to my brother who is one with me. Let all the world be blessed with peace through us.
This holy instant would I give to you. Be You in charge. For I would follow You. Certain that your direction gives me peace.


The Truth


We were taught in school  to know the audience intended for a writing.  I have decided that audience is my(?) Self . And I’m of a view that that Self is the “Self” we share. Therefore my audience for this writing is You (our) Self.  A song comes to mind: “Have You Heard” Song by the Moody Blues. (I’m into music and may add other music links).


(to be continued)



Music Update

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I will post links in this blog to new songs as I create them.  Here are some:

Drip Drip Drop
We Are In Love
Ode to Ode to Joy
Where You Are
The Light Has Come
With You
Rise and Shine

stay “tune”d 🙂


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I will post links in this blog to new songs as I create them.  Here are some:

Drip Drip Drop
We Are In Love
Ode to Ode to Joy
Where You Are
The Light Has Come
With You
Rise and Shine

stay “tune”d 🙂



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